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Maritime transport means the carriage of goods by sea in standard (sea) containers (TEUs). These have combined shipping containers, intermodal, use, ie. that they are containers for intermodal transport. Containers in combined transport used just for their standardized dimensions. With this you can easily translate from one vehicle to another. Means of transport are mainly container ship itself, trucks and trains with specially adapted chassis. The combination of sea, rail and road transport, ensuring the safe transportation of goods without physical transhipment of goods.

Maritime transport is the most used mode of transport of goods. Time maritime transport takes approximately 4-6 weeks for selected destinations. The biggest advantage of using the price of shipping transportation in proportion to the amount of transported goods and a large selection of transport units – types of containers.

The bids for maritime transport is the carriage of cargo from door to door, providing handling of heavy objects, temporary storage of goods in transit, rapid processing of all permits associated with transportation, customs clearance, insurance of goods beyond the carrier’s liability, planning and traffic safety measures, research and technical modification routes, arranging insurance and expert advice on shipping.


Service FCL – Full Container Load is marking full container shipments. Thus, the volume of your goods is large enough that the entire container loaded with only your goods. The container in this case is shipped directly from sender to recipient.

LCL Service – Less then Container Load is marking individual packages. Thus, the volume of your goods is not large enough to effectively fill the entire container. In this case, the container is filled with other general cargo. Due to the efficient use of space, the total budgeted cost of transport to all participants by your total transport costs are reduced. This means that instead of paying the entire container volume really only for your goods.

The only difference in the transport is that your goods will first be loaded into a truck and not directly into the container. When loading and unloading of goods is ensured in the same service as the FCL service, including delivery of goods by truck to the place of unloading.