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TKcargotrans s.r.o.

TKCARGOTRANS Co. is a modern thriving society, based on years of professional knowledge and experience of its employees in the areas of transportation, logistics and international container transport. In its development is suitably supplemented so that the human “know-how” to meet all requirements for the most demanding professional work across the spectrum of modes of transport and forwarding. The average professional experience of joint holders dispatchers and traffic is 10 years. We place great emphasis on manners and professionalism of its employees, especially those who come into contact with customers.

The success of your company depends of how you can successfully distribute their goods. Efficient logistics, as a synthesis of all the processes become an indispensable component of transport. More and more companies are beginning to discover the benefits of partnerships with professionals in logistics and freight forwarding. TKCARGOTRANS Co. may just be your expert to ensure the overall transportation needs.

We are aware that when we are not only taking over cargoes of goods or materials, but also the reputation of your company. The importance of timely delivery, transport and year reference period optimal financial costs are our main priority. We are responsible for complete or partial loss of goods and for damage thereto occurring between the time of receipt of the goods and the time of delivery, as well as for delay in delivery. Therefore, all costs are carried by our company insured for up to 20 000 000, – CZK. In the case of reporting a higher value of the shipment and post shipment order at least 48 hours in advance we are able to load additional insurance up to 50 000 000,- CZK.

We put great emphasis on promoting the principles of transport logistics ie planning, coordinating and monitoring all necessary steps to achieve the safest possible delivery of the goods as soon as possible and the best transport route. Most of our cars are equipped with satellite monitoring equipment, so we are able to flexibly transmit location information to the customer a moving vehicle and immediately know the exact delivery time for loading, unloading, transhipment, the customs office.

We appreciate the confidence our clients and we are glad that we may partially contribute to their satisfaction, which will certainly lead to mutual economic growth.