TKcargotrans s.r.o.

The combined advantage of all transport modes. Rail and waterways used for cheap transportation to great distances and road routes for transport at shorter distances. This allows you to carry almost anything from anywhere to anywhere. But, unfortunately, all have their advantages and disadvantages.
One disadvantage of combined transport is that it needs the means of mechanization of loading units for transhipment terminals. As the translation machinery is squid or gantry cranes, which, however, our partners have.

This type of transport is not known to everyone and is often an alternative to truck transport. Trucks are often handicapped by their maximum capacity and various road taxes. Various restrictions also often reduce the availability of trucks at certain seasons. In this type of transport, our staff always tries to combine the customer the best possible set of means of transport (road vehicles, aircraft, ship, train) and always ensure that the shipment was delivered in the required quality, composition, time and with minimal cost.

The advantage of this mode is that it is a mail transport in one and the same transport unit using several modes of transport, which translates to only the unit cost of combined transport, not actual product. The risk of damage during shipment is itself such a mode of transport is minimal.

způsobu přepravy minimální.