TKcargotrans s.r.o.

Air transport of goods is mainly due to the rapid transporting your goods to the place of delivery, while ensuring a high standard of service. There is for all who need to quickly and reliably transport goods over long distances. We use scheduled flights, but we can also provide charter flights from a wide range of airlines, which allows us enough flexibility to address both one-time shipments and shipments on a regular basis. We work with major airlines, so you can at our wholly rely on air transport.

The air transport can provide:

  • Pickup or packing
  • transportation to the airport of departure
  • complete customs documentation
  • issuance of the air waybill
  • air transport
  • delivery to its destination – a “door to door”

We offer a comprehensive service of air transport:

  • pickup
  • transhipment
  • customs clearance
  • insurance
  • delivery to the customer
  • the customer carry out additional insurance beyond the responsibility of air transport
  • express shipment of export cargo to selected destinations, we guarantee delivery times

The maximum weight and dimensions of items are always given the type of aircraft is used for air transport. Major destinations such as Dubai, New York, are served by cargo aircraft, so you can count on standard height of 3 meters and weighing up to 5 tons. For heavier shipments (over 5 tons) is always necessary to examine the possibility of handling the transit airports.