TKcargotrans s.r.o.

Our company provides road freight transport in EU countries, particularly Scandinavia and the help of the usual means of transport used to transport truck load of cardboard from one to 38 pallets.

The vehicles we are able to offer to transport:

  • Pick-up: 1 to 500 kg pallets

For this type of vehicle transport done as routine transportation so called “Just in Time”, where the delivery vehicle for loading into two hours after the Czech Republic. This is the fastest service from a small package to 1 europallets to 500 kg, with minimal downtime (standing at the borders, etc …).

  • Delivery: 2-5 pallets from 500 to 1500 kg

The vehicle type for delivery to the same conditions as the transport vehicle pick-up. Total floor area is possible by individual vehicle type. A common type of vehicle that can hold about 8 cubic meters up to 1300 kg.

  • The vehicle type, Avia “: 5-16 pallets from 1800 to 3500 kg

This vehicle is available from the length of 4.8 m to 6.4 m length, corresponding to 16 pallet locations (pallets). For transportation of smaller consignments to 3.5 tons, this is an ideal vehicle.

  • The vehicle type, Solo “: 14-18 pallets to 10 tonne

We have the vehicles 5 to 10 t dimensions of these vehicles are from 6 m long and 8.2 m length.

  • Trailer / vehicle: 25-38 pallets up to 24 tons

The most common mode of transport is carried out using semi-trailers, respectively. articulated vehicles. The loading area of the vehicle is from 13.3 to 17.6 meters at maximum volume set. There are trailers for our customers from 80 cbm to 100 cbm and suites from 110 cbm to 128 cbm.