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Customs management is the process by which decisions are made by the declarant to release the proposed arrangement. The operation of the control is based on comparing the accuracy of information in the documents with the actual state of goods. The customs authorities may focus solely on its review, the accuracy of the documents, but can also proceed to the spot and complete physical examination of the goods which is not strictly required by law. The assessment of duties, taxes and other measures, the customs proceedings are concluded. Completion of the procedure is decided to release the goods into the proposed customs regime.

TKCARGOTRANS registered as a customs agent with the simplified procedure for customs clearance will help you with all variants of customs procedures and always in accordance with your requirements and legislative rules.

The import tariff regime – When goods are imported under the scheme pays import duty, value added tax, excise duty and / or other indirect taxes depending on the nature of the imported goods.

  • Free circulation – Goods released for free circulation, the customs duties and taxes are payable immediately upon termination of such arrangements, ie. the goods traded.
  • Transit – Goods only passes through the area. Duties and taxes are not paid, ie. the goods are not tradable.
  • Customs warehousing – is used for goods which will be further stored under customs supervision. Duties and taxes are not paid, ie. the goods are not negotiable at this stage.

The customs regime – the export of goods according to the procedure usually does not export duties or taxes, which is considered a state aid of export activities.

  • Transit – Goods only passes through the area.
  • Exports – goods are in this mode is exported from the Czech Republic / European Union.