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Third Party Logistics – More and more companies around the world wants to apply their products in the global market. At the same time, in order to maintain competitiveness, are forced to seek global sourcing. One of the trends today is to solve this problem with the help of outsourced logistics and 3PL logistics.

This is the total delegation of transport, storage, IT solutions and other related services provider (the company), which manipulated goods, although improper, but performs with all logistics operations to meet customer needs. A crucial prerequisite for such activities is to achieve a higher degree of correlation between the customer and the provider of this service. Logistics then performs services under long term contracts, invests in logistics technology, participates in the jointly set targets on improving logistics customer service levels. This relationship provides customers with direct strategic competitive advantage. The efforts of most manufacturing and trading companies as much as possible to reduce their costs while improving the quality of internal and external logistics.

In recent years, see a trend where companies are no longer enough to save for a short time, but looking to establish long-term strategic partnership that would bring in the future even greater savings. The biggest differences between logistics service providers are not only in their actual implementation, but the level of information technology facilities in their active approach to finding solutions logistics needs of its business partners.

3PL service is intended primarily to customers who are considering transfer of logistics services in the hands of professional logistics companies to improve business efficiency with a significantly positive effect on cash flow, who want to concentrate on core business and manufacturing processes passing a single provider of logistics services, and finally those clients who are considering a change, integration or construction of a new logistics bases.